We support an increasing number of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who are hiring Rockstar VA's to support all aspects of their business. Explore a number of roles below, however, our recruitment team can surely pick the most fit rockstar VA for all your needs!

Maintaining budgets and records, preparing and sending invoices, handling cash, and performing other administrative duties. To be successful, you should have an understanding of basic Accounting principles and proficiency with computers and software. You should be  efficient, organized, and trustworthy.

Tracking expenses and evaluating budgets.  Performing all activities related to accounts payable functions, including encoding and processing payments as well as accounts receivable functions including invoicing, collections, deposits, and reporting thereon.

Virtual ClickUp experts in creating rich-text docs for your marketing plans, reports, strategies, and other files. Constantly monitoring and updating the workflow to properly track the tasks. 

Creative professional on writing for website, blogs, social media copy and other platforms. Developing a consistent brand identity for the client including but not limited to audio-visual assets and campaign messaging.

Email management and creating strategic email campaigns. Owning the end-to-end process of email programs including planning, briefing, targeting, deployment, reporting and analysis.

Managing the schedules and communications of key company executives. Handling an array of executive-support related tasks, from preparation of executive reports and presentations to follow through on issues and concerns.

HubSpot Academy Certified Virtual Assistants expert in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service/support training. Tracking and identifying decision makers, timelines, and specific qualifications and enters data accurately and consistently into the Hubspot CRM.

Kajabi [Universty trained and accedited] Virtual Assistants providing professional services, such as data entry, market research, and content creation, while working from a remote location. Working with a variety of clients building pages and products applying skills proficient in Kajabi.

LinkedIn prospecting either under your profile or positioned as you Executive Assistant. Sourcing talented candidates on niche platforms and performing pre-screen calls & interview candidates combining various methods (e.g. structured interviews, technical assessments and behavioral questions).

Generating and improving the digital presence of a website or social media by supplying audio and visual needs. Editing and designing in varying styles and provide different aesthetics according to the needs of the brand and target audience.

Supporting your webinars, Facebook Groups & Community events. To create more connections with people online, build relationships, and increase brand awareness.

Performing secretarial work and providing senior managers with day-to-day administrative support. Taking care of personal matters. Doing administrative tasks, and clerical support.

Researching, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data. Their expertise lies in distilling vast amounts of data that can help their customers.

Specializing on sales on hitting the sales target. They are also trained to help on finding new business ventures and prospects, gain sales, and effective ways to market products.

Overseeing all types of standard Salesforce Development and customization. A SalesForce Superstar is a programmer who develops functionality and creates solutions using the SalesForce software. 

Conceptualizing and activating social media plans. These marketers are tasked to conserve the client’s or business’ conserve overall social media goals from planning, production, executing, and maintaining the image on all social media platforms.

Providing excellent customer service by making sure the client experience safe, hassle-free, and enjoyed travels through quality booking services, e-mail and chat support, and guaranteed travel suggestions. 

Creatives that are tasked with producing visually appealing graphic images. Duties that require creativity such as photo touch-up, image manipulation, video editing, and the creation of public materials that will be used on the website and online.

Supervising front-end and back-end development in WordPress. They specialized in using programming languages, digital marketing, SEO, up to controlling the user experience and user interface.

Xero Certified Advisors maintain accounts payable and receivable along with all payroll and bank account management and reconciliation tasks. They are all well-rounded accountants that use the XERO software used for bookkeeping to access the charts, customize listings, create invoices, and other functions related to accounting.

This is not a limited list. We can tailor your own rockstar based on what you need. Be sure to chat us and let’s talk soon!