Privacy and Security are vital with Virtual Assistants

As global outsourcing continues to thrive in the industry and as it continues to prove its efficiency in rendering services to accounts, there may still be thoughts that come into you. One of the few worries you might think of is that of privacy and security of your data.

Here are the some of the best practices you may implement as you enter a account-provider relationship through partnering in outsourcing:

  1. Passwords are for safekeeping
    You own your own passwords and you are to keep them safe from everyone. To further strengthen your security, you may use a third-party site which will enable password sharing to others but still with encryption. In that way, you are sharing the access to the accounts of your business but giving additional process for access. Only those with shared access will be the ones to enter into your business accounts.

  2. Personal information is for your eyes only
    Your personal information such as your identification cards, social security number, financial accounts, and other data of personal ownership should never be asked from you except when properly stated and needed. Be mindful of sharing your information and remember that you can always say NO for protection. You are the Admin

  3. Direct and clear communication
    This is an important two-way process. There should be an established client-account relationship. From then, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts – everything – to your virtual assistant. Openness is a great start to a long-term relationship

  4. Limit the access
    You are your own command. You have all the right to choose to whom you are giving the access. You can set your own boundaries and just give the items needed for your account. Your virtual assistant will surely respect that.

  5. Non-disclosure agreement
    Legally speaking, there should be a written and stored document of your agreement between client and service provider. Besides its legal purpose, it would be nice to feel assured of the things you expect from each other.

  6. Back-up your data
    You can choose to save your data, especially the ones you share with your virtual assistant. At the end of the day, you own your materials and backing-up these will save you a ton of time when you’re searching for something in the box.

Rest assured, when your partner in outsourcing is Outsourceable, our Rockstar virtual assistant who will be assigned to you has undergone a stern and meticulous process by our company. These rock stars who join our team are all seeking long-term stable income and we recommend that you discover and explore growth with your own VA. This may start with just a simple task you might want to delegate and gradually transfer new responsibilities as you grow together.

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