Payout Manual

1.1 Payout Manual

Payout Schedule


  1. 1st – 15th will be paid on the 21st of the same month.
  2. 16th – 30th will be paid on the 6th of the following month
  3. Timesheet cut-off will be on the 15th or 30th. 
  4. Make sure that your timesheet is filled and updated before the cut-off date because team leaders will be locking your sheet at 12 AM the next day.
  5. If working days end earlier, Team Members can submit earlier.
  6.  Team Leaders has two working days to check and clarify working hours.
Note: Our payout schedule is based from The Labor Code.

payout Rate Scale

Computing Payouts

  1. Everything you need to know about how to compute your payouts will be reflected in your payslips. So if you have any issues with it be sure to raise it ahead.



  1. Total Working Hours x Average Hourly Rate = Base Pay
  2. OT Working Hours x OT Hourly Rate = OT Payment
  3. Refer to your Brilliancy Level on the Payout Rate Scale for the above details on your payslip.


– If you miss the cut off then only the hours you logged in your time sheet will be sent in your next pay out. Any missing hours will be added in the next pay cycle, so one should really be mindful of the days.

– Set reminders, calendar events, or alarms to make sure.

– For now we will be sticking religiously to our schedule, if there will be any issues with the cutoffs, we’ll deal with it once we get there.

  • Everything can be found on your Employee Info Hub.
  • Info Hub > Resource Hub Sheet > Payslip Schedule – Payout Rate Scale 
  • Info Hub > Employee Info Sheet > Pay Slip – Payslip