Office Etiquette

Everything you need to know about how to conduct in our virtual office


  1. Brief in and Brief out
  2. Office hours
  3. Group chats
  4. Organizational Chart
  5. Responding to messages
  6. Leave Requests
  7. Reimbursement and Incentives


Step 1: Skype Brief In

1. At the start of your shift and at the end of it drop your update in the “HQ | Brief in and Brief Out” GC with the following format

[Brief In/Brief Out] | [Month] [Date] ([Day)]

-[Task you’ll be doing]


Brief In | November 10 (Wednesday)

-VA tasks for Rick

2. If you weren’t able to Brief in/ Brief out on time because of any Emergency you can add an asterisk (*) at the end of your brief with a note of your actual time in or time out. And reach out to your Support GC with the full explanation why you weren’t able to Brief in/ Brief out on time.


Brief Out | November 10 (Wednesday)

-VA tasks for Rick

*Briefed out at 5pm

3. Reminder as well, in accordance to the HR Induction, failure to Brief in or Brief out would mean the hours that day will be nulled.

Step 2: Deputy

In order to brief in via Deputy, all you have to do is click on the start shift button found in your “me” dashboard. This will automatically log your hours and notify us that you’re currently on shift.
Be sure to log your break hours as well once you have, and click on “End Shift” to end it.


  • These office hours include the Account working hours, 30 minute Daily Meeting and 1 hr break. For those working part time or split shifts, 1hr paid break is not provided.
  • Do not respond to client and team outside office hours. Don’t allow your client and team members to get used to the fact that you’re always available to chat.
  • Break hours are mandatory, one should always take the time to rest between the shift, and must consume all 1hr. The client knows our VAs take 1hr break so please don’t compromise your health for that.


  1. ALWAYS Make use of the GCs you are in.
    • Support Chat GC – For any support you need from the LS team, any inquiries or emergencies you need to relay. For ANY unusual circumstance always update this GC.
    • [Team Shift] Chat For any announcements that are meant only for the people with the same shift as you
    • OS | Team Chat – For any announcements that are meant for all of the Virtual Assistants
    • HQ | Brief ins & Outs – For all of your brief ins and outs
    • HQ | Team Chat – For any announcements that are meant for all of the Virtual Assistants

* Chatting personally your Support Team is okay, but is highly discouraged since we’ll just direct you to the support GC anyway.

* Chatting with a fellow team member for work concerns or issues is NOT allowed. The support team is literally paid to support you. So make sure to raise all of your concerns to the Concierge Team to assist you right away.


When to change your status

  1. Active – When you are in your shift and actively working
  2. Away – Means you are currently in your break, helps to change the status name as well to a burger

* Do not Disturb – Allows you to not be notified to any messages, this is not mandatory, but an option incase you don’t want to be notified outside office hours



  • Mentor – Direct head of the VAs, directly responsible for their team performance, evaluation, and Tasks, Assist the Supervisor in tasks.
  • Supervisor – Approve any roster change, roster management, Timesheet, and leave requests. Direct head of the Mentor.
  • Success Leader – Overall point person of their department.


  • Sales – Gathering, and nurturing leads
  • Marketing – Promoting and advertising company
  • Concierge – Client relations and management
  • Operations – Setting up processes to employee life better
  • HR – Managing and implementing our current processes
  • Support – Ensuring employee satisfaction


For Clients

  • Be brief, they’re usually busy and has no time to read long messages.
  • Level with their personality and language, if they’re overly friendly then feel free to drop emojis or mirror their expressions.
  • Some clients might be too friendly however this doesn’t give us the right to be overly friendly with them as well. Always keep a professional relationship with them.
  • Always respond within 5mins that the client has responded. If you’re busy, first acknowledge your client, and tell them your action plan. Instead of ignoring them until you’re not busy.
  • Avoid saying “sorry” and instead provide a proactive solution to avoid committing the same mistake again.
  • If you’re in doubt, trust your instincts and talk to the LS team. Don’t hesitate to raise your hand.

For Team

  • React for announcements or any messages from The LS team or Sean. Always acknowledge with a reaction that doesn’t need to respond.
  • Whenever you’re sending a link on Skype, always send links in bitly.
  • Always chat professionally and with respect to everyone.
  • Don’t respond outside office hours, and avoid chatting outside office hours as well. Your health should a be priority ALWAYS.


Steps in requesting for a leave.

  1. File a leave request via Deputy
  2. [optional] Inform your Support GC about your leave as to why and when.
  3. Wait for an action plan. The team will inform client for approval and will inform you once everything is approved.
  4. Enjoy your break.

When to file a leave?

  1. For Vacation, please file 7 days prior to the date.
  2. For Emergencies, please inform your Support GCs or personally reach out to your team leader ASAP. You can file the leave request form as soon as you are back
  3. For student, best to create a google calendar with your school hours with your exams and activities to share them to the LS team so we can refer to that. Especially during exam weeks, sharing your exam schedule is mandatory.


  1. Whenever you encounter internet issues at home and need to transfer to a coffee shop or purchase data, Kindly send the receipt to your Support GC. Company usually gives reimbursement for earphones or coffee for internet, and etc. whenever needed.
  2. Incentives can also come in Team Member awards, team buildings or costume competitions.
  3. Expect them to arrive on your next payout, and if otherwise please be sure to raise this to Coco.