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Most business owners check their email constantly throughout the day. Though it seems to be a very easy task, the minutes it takes to answer and scan messages add up to several hours over the course of the week which you may have allocated to other tasks. In reality, email management makes it more challenging because you are likely to receive more messages. 

But, here’s a fact! You do not have to worry about this because you may start delegating this tedious task to us! Check some cool advantages of giving off email management to outsourcing:

Make More Time for Yourself
This is the greatest advantage of outsourcing email management because there’s plenty of time you will save. Instead of spending a portion of your time in sorting, reading, and answering emails, you can now focus on more important business concerns.

No More Spams and Unnecessary Emails
When your email address is public due to business, most of the time, half of your mails are spam. Also, there are bigger chances that you receive or get cc-ed on uncalled messages. And this is what your rock star VA is doing for you, they can sort out all of them for you in the hopes of giving you peace – truly needed for effective leadership in your business.

Control the Chaos
Though it may seem that it is really okay to leave your inbox untouched, there may be little mishaps and unanswered messages which can tarnish your reputation. It’s easy to forget entirely of composing a reply. But to streamline our business, there is a need for a tidy and organized inbox. Leave this task to your rock star VA!

Work and Life Separation
We need that work-life balance! And you cannot completely have that when your inbox is bombarded with messages. Instead of checking your inbox when you have time or when you are on a break, this little blur in your daily task can be shoved off when you outsource email management. Check off this task on your list while your rock star VA applies best practices in managing your inbox.

More Savings
Time is money, and when your time is compromised with checking your own inbox, you are not making enough money. Responding to mails is a vital part of your job, but there are more important tasks you can focus with when you delegate this task. Compute the total amount of time you consume when you check your email, you would be surprised that it could be enough for a business call – one that will really give you money. A business call saving is still greater than the little cost you give for email management.

Delegate Scheduling Task
This is one of the perks of having a rock star VA! Many people schedule their mails for different purposes, but most of all, to align their mail to the time of a potential lead. Worry no more, because when you delegate email management, your VA can schedule mails and get appointments which fit your schedule best. You’ll never have to check your calendar because someone will remind you.

Track your Emails
Losing important messages is a big business problem. There may be times that you delete mails without realizing you have to make a response to them. However, you can recover them but would require more time and effort – which definitely can be done by your rock star VA.

Having an assistant to manage your email will make your inbox more organized and categorized into folders and subfolders. Having one of our rock stars would not make you feel compelled anymore to delete messages and avoid a bunch of mails in your inbox. There is now an assurance that you never lose track of an important message because every message you need is located in a specific folder – perks of having a VA.

Be sure to check out our site and book a call with us. Let’s talk about anything business, especially the tons of mails you have to read that we can certainly help you with. Chat soon!

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