Deputy Manual

Pros of Deputy

Team Members


  1. You can see how your shifts would look like for the week/month

  2. Easily calculate how many hours you need to do and how much you’ve already done in a week

  3. Know when your change in shift request and leave request are approved in real time

  4. No need to manually input hours in multiple databases

  5. Brief in and out in a click

  6. See which LS Team is online and can assist you anytime

  7. You can assign tasks to LS and LS can assign tasks to you

Leadership Team

  1. LS Team can constantly see who’s online and not

  2. We get notified who briefs in late or wasn’t able to brief in without a leave

  3. Easy approval of Leave Requests

  4. Easy Calculations of Hours

Leave Request process

Filing Leave Request

  1. File leave request via Deputy App or Browser
  2. Click on your Profile and find Leave Section
  3. Add all the necessary details to justify the leave
  4. Ensure to notify ALL of the Managers
  5. To ensure that we don’t miss this in case of emergency leave, notify the LS team via your support GCs as well

Monitoring Leave Request Status

See status still on Leave Request section or check if that day’s shift has been removed from your Upcoming Shifts.

Deputy App
Desktop View

Shift and Overtime Notes

Like in Skype, you can’t edit your Brief In and Out time. So in any circumstance where you need a note to be added in your shift, (ex. you need to brief out early because of an emergency) you can simply add that in the comment section after clicking Edit Shift for desktop and the “Clock” logo for app users.

Unapproved overtime shifts will automatically be nulled. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, remember to leave a comment in your shift. 

For client hours overtime, along with the comment in your shift, be sure to send a message to the LS team via the Newsfeed feature.

Note: You can go over your timesheets and see if the overtime hour is credited or not.

Deputy App
Deputy Browser

Schedule Change Request

For instances  where you need to change your Schedule, file a Schedule Change via the News Feed and attach any proof needed. Send it to Coco, Trev, and Jeh.

To monitor if change in shift is approved, simply check your upcoming shifts if Schedule has changed.


If there’s a task note that you need the LS team to check for you. For example, your internal work or talking to a client for a certain request. You can add this request via Task portion of your dashboard and Me section.

Note: You can only assign this to one person, and you can assign tasks to colleagues as well, if necessary.

Shift Monitoring

If you’re having trouble identifying which LS and team members is online or not,  you can find the summary for that in the Schedule section.


– Yes for the transition week (Jan 14-21). If successful we’ll remove it the following week.

– Yes for the transition week (Jan 14-21). If successful we’ll remove it the following week.

-Within 0-15 mins (Grace Period)

– After 15 mins or more (AWOL)

– Yes you can, but if it’s not pre-approved, you must be sure to Brief In and Out on the actual shift times.