Customer Service

Key Learning Outcomes

In this training, you will learn to develop your assertive eye and attention to detail, you will be dealing with real scenarios that we have encountered in the past, and you will be required to think fast when responding.

Training Objective

It is critical that we are always empathetic and assertive when dealing with clients, stakeholders, and any other people when representing a professional company. This is even more important for us as we are always communicating via written text and not face-to-face. As a requirement to join our team, all candidates must showcase their ability to confidently respond to a number of workplace scenarios that you may encounter in this line of work. 

Key Performance Indicators

Ability to respond appropriately in a professional setting. 

Ability to customise messages without having a script. 

Ability to deliver correct punctuation, spelling and grammar. 

Ability to communicate effectively with a tone of empathy. 


  1. In this Google Form – http://bit.ly/OS-Induction-Cus-Service  you’ll find different scenarios that our VA’s have encountered in real life
  2. With your initial briefing in the Company Tour, answer your clients appropriately as if you’re responding to them via your Skype support GCs.
  3. You’ll be assessed by how well you deal and communicate to the Clients